UnderworldLabs.org – as a name – evolved from the need to maintain some generic package name for reusable software libraries and other bits and pieces developed as a part of Execute Query. It later became the primary domain/package name used in the development of other utilities made available here and has allowed me to publish whatever else I think may be useful to someone else (though this may not entirely always be the case).

Unless otherwise noted all software, themes, images etc – that are developed by me – are released under the GNU General Public License.

All the content, images, software etc to be found on this site has been developed on a Debian GNU/Linux system. All Java related software has been developed using Netbeans and Eclipse. All other content including scripts and modifications to this site, were developed using JEdit – frankly, the best text editor available anywhere!

Please send feedback, comments, suggestions or whatever else to Takis Diakoumis.