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I am a software developer from Melbourne, Australia. I promote and support open source software and release whatever I can of my own work under the GPL license.

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My new Debian Buster install notes

Some goto notes for installing Buster on my new T470… Quick BIOS tweak – disable UEFI secure boot – thats all I did here. Base…

Gnome 3 ctrl-alt-up/down key binding and Eclipse

A recent pain point after installing Ubuntu Gnome at work was the key binding for workspace switching up/down. I thought I should record this here…


A friend of mine wanted to see if his machine could beat the pants off my machine. I figured a pee-ing competition is always fun…

SOAP Response Codes

I recently had an issue where as a part of a SOAP fault response I wanted to return a HTML response code that better represented…

RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs