Apache 2.2.3-x with mod_jk

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Running CentOS 5 on one of my personal (playpen) servers, i recently performed a simple yum update which brought in the package httpd-2.2.3-45.el5.centos.1.i386 and its dependents in addition to some others including some python and selinux updates. So no biggie so far – but restarting apache brought me a world of pain as I spent the next 24 hours trying to diagnose why any http request to any domain on that server would never complete and [seemingly] never timeout.

Frankly, I don’t know for sure which particular package was the culprit. There was nothing logged that pointed to any issues – indeed any and all logs I went through indicated all was well. I also could not find a single thing online that resembled what I was experiencing. I have managed my own servers for about 10 years now. I’m far from a competent Linux admin but I usually know enough to get by or just enough to get out of trouble, so I became severely frustrated when a seemingly simple upgrade could result in all my sites being made unavailable.

I started by stripping back my Apache install to next to nothing – which brought back a single static site i set up as a test. Then line-by-line I reintroduced various modules, includes and various directive lines. At the very bottom I had my mod_jk include – which by the way serves over half of my sites.

As soon as I reintroduced mod_jk it dumped. After much fiddling, rebuilding mod_jk, installing from rpm, downgrading packages, tinkering with various mod_jk parameters, using strace on startup (great article on debugging with strace here) I finally put it down to the inclusion of the following:

<Location /*/META-INF/*>
    Deny From All
<Location /*/WEB-INF/*>
    Deny From All

The above tells Apache as a global directive to disallow any access to the protected Java web application directories WEB-INF and META-INF.

The lines above have been a part of my apache/mod_jk config for as long as I remember. I haven’t yet had a good look as to why the above is no longer acceptable – I’m just relieved to have everything back up. I would have expected Apache to complain about configuration errors, issue the relevant message and fail to start just like it does for most other issues. Not so in this case and furthermore it silently takes down the whole server instance.

I didn’t find any references to this anywhere – perhaps this will help someone equally confused as I was :)

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