Bye-bye VMWare – hello VirtualBox

September 2nd, 2008 Blog 0 Comments

Well after some serious stuffing about i finally gave up on vmware. My latest kernel upgrade to 2.6.26.x just wouldn’t play nice regardless of what i did. Advice was sought from relevant places to no avail – even though the number of people with a similar issue was (is) growing. A colleague with an identical issue upgraded to the vmware 2 release candidate and the issue was not noticed there.¬† There was no inclination to go down that road – its a 450MB+ download, runs in a browser window, and looks like a rather bloated setup compared to the 1.x releases¬† No problem though as i’ve discovered VirtualBox.

After a little bit of stuffing around to get the bridge networking up and running (vmware did this for you on startup quite nicely), i’m all good now with a couple of guest operating systems installed and running with no issue. Some useful docs and info for setting up with Debian can be found on the Debian Virtual Box wiki here. A huge plus is also that it comes with a neat script to build the vbox module for the running kernel.

Overall, so far VirtualBox is more than a suitable replacement for vmware. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.

VMWare server 1.06 and kernel v2.6.26
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