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March 25th, 2008 Blog 2 Comments

After quite the long slog (over 12 months) and following pesky little things like baby, work and life getting in the way, i’ve finally managed to release a new version of Execute Query – a universal database query (and much more…) tool.

Check out version 3.1.0 here http://executequery.org
Feedback most welcome. Contributions most welcome.

I do plan for future releases to be more incremental and frequent.

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  1. ThulsZ says:

    Can some please tell me how to changes my ExecuteQuery to point it to JDK 1.5.. it is currenlty pointing to JDK 1.6

  2. you can just run the jar directly using 1.5…
    so in a terminal using java 1.5 execute as follows:

    java -jar eq.jar

    where ‘java’ above is the bin/java program from your 1.5 installation.

    hope this helps.