Internet Censorship in Australia

January 8th, 2009 Blog 0 Comments

Few things annoy me (and most people I know) more than censorship in all its hideous forms. We are fortunate to live in a country [Australia] and in a time where a plethora of information is available freely, quickly and easily. We honour those who gave their all to provide us with this freedom as we do those who continue to protect it. It confounds me how a democratically elected Government in an apparently free country aims to scuttle that right and freedom as it attempts to force ISPs to censor the internet for all Australians. It is a ridiculous plan and a complete waste of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that will only slow down internet access and make it even more expensive for everyone.

Support the No Clean Feed campaign by submitting a letter of protest to the Minister or your local Federal MP or simply sign the online petition.

The time and money could be spent in better ways to improve Australia’s (rather poor) digital infrastructure and better educate parents about the risks their children face online. I (as a parent) will monitor and censor what my children can and can not see and do – not the Government.

Please support the No Clean Feed campaign.

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