My new Debian Buster install notes

July 31st, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

Some goto notes for installing Buster on my new T470…

Quick BIOS tweak – disable UEFI secure boot – thats all I did here.

Base system:

ISO image download:

# isohybrid path/to/image.iso
# dd if=path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sde

that’s it for the bootable USB.

For non-free firmware, download the archive from here:

extract the above to a USB drive and insert when prompted.



enter relevant network info… let installer do its thing…

Gnome 3:

Debian Installer making this rather simple now as its one of the selections among others… very nice.


Job done :)

No real issues with the T470 – all worked fine – good sound, camera, usb3, wifi etc…

Only thing I couldn’t get working was the finger print reader – this is apparently a solved problem in general but I couldn’t get it to work with the very little time I spent on it. I’m not fussed and don’t really care to use it, so I didn’t spend too much time on this at all and I’m sure you could get it to work.


Gnome 3 ctrl-alt-up/down key binding and Eclipse

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