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Just read a great piece on login and sign-up page development. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the past on both of these and this piece on SmashingMagazine offers some interesting new ideas especially around the use of setting your password on a sign-up form and login user name practices.

Admittedly when registering on a new site I almost always just cut and paste my password into the repeat password field. Indeed with various systems now insisting on specific character patterns, i would imagine the purpose-defeating practice of cut/paste into the repeat password field is only more prevalent. The Smashing piece includes a JQuery plugin that allows for a single password field that may be toggled to show the entered password – definitely worth a look.

The login user name suggestion is much simpler – allow users the ability to login with either a user name or email address – both should be unique in any case and your email address is certainly harder to forget.

Check the article out here — Innovative Techniques To Simplify Sign-Ups and Log-Ins.

Some other useful login/sign-up resources i’ve found useful in the past are listed below.

Favicon Builder
Apache 2.2.3-x with mod_jk

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