Unless otherwise noted all software packages below are released under the GNU General Public License.

Java Look and Feel UI Utility

Java look and feel loader and sampler providing property L&F key values and sample swing based widgets for comparison. Dynamically loads Look and Feel libraries from user defined third-party jar files.

Version: 0.3: JavaUIUtility.tar.gz

JAR File Search Utility

Allows for searching specific JAR files or scanning directories for JAR files containing classes, packages or other files with the name pattern specified. The search result provides a sortable list of class/package/other name found and the JAR file path found in.

Version: 0.5: JarClassSearch.tar.gz

Font Sampler

Simple font selection and sampling utility. Allows you to scroll through available system fonts and preview entered text.

Version: 0.1: FontSampler.tar.gz

Image Cropper

Simple image cropping utility. Allows for selected edge shaving of images within a folder using pixel dimensions. Provides image previews and image file scrolling. Useful for quickly iterating across a number of files and removing headers and/or footers etc from an image.

Version: 0.1: ImageCropper.tar.gz

Execute Query

Execute Query is a universal database query and browser tool. It features a complete database explorer, multiple connection management, sophisticated SQL querying tool, ERD generator, data import/export and much more. Further information is available from the project web site at

JObexFTP Utility

Uses OpenOBEX xnix package to provide a graphical interface to ObexFTP tools for communication with compatible devices via bluetooth, cable, IR or other supported mechanism. This is very much a work in progress and at this stage allows for upload/download/viewing of files as well as directory and file creation/deletion where this is supported in the connected device. The aim is to interface to as much of ObexFTP as is possible.

Version: 0.1: JObexFTP.tar.gz

UnderworldLabs libs

Miscellaneous utilities and other reusable components used in some of the above applications. Source code only.

Version: 0.1: UnderworldLabs.tar.gz

RGB Colour Viewer

Colour selection and comparison tool. Provides for colour selection, manipulation and basic comparison, as well as providing relevant RGB and hex values for selected or value entered colours.

Version: 1.0: RGBColourSelector.tar.gz