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VirtualBox update woes

Not sure what happened here but upgrading from VirtualBox 3.x to 4.06 (with Oracle branding too – eek), killed a few of my VMs. First…

Bye-bye VMWare – hello VirtualBox

Well after some serious stuffing about i finally gave up on vmware. My latest kernel upgrade to 2.6.26.x just wouldn’t play nice regardless of what…

VMWare server 1.06 and kernel v2.6.26

Perhaps a recurring theme… In any case take a look here: Theres a new vmware-any-any patch that fixes the build error under kernel 2.6.26.

VMWare server 1.05 and kernel v2.6.25

I recently upgraded my kernel from to In trying to rebuild vmware server against the new kernel, i came up with a few…